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Canucki photo shoot of the year!

And here it is, the shoot so many have been waiting for – the little dude in his sweet threads … First, I shot the aspiring drummer at home and then we loaded up the van with a variety of props and several outfits and drove up the hill to an open field. He was a real trooper, considering how many wardrobe changes he had to endure, as well as running out of water for his yellow watering can (prematurely) and getting stuck on the road in his colourful wagon.

If you are about to make yourself a hot drink before sitting down to enjoy the photos, perhaps forgo the sugar – there’s quite enough sweetness in this post already!

See yesterday’s post for the intro to this one.

(This time you have to click on the photos. It’s not negotiable. Seriously.)


5 thoughts on “Canucki photo shoot of the year!

  1. This is super sweet! “How about we head down to the road?” is simply delightful, and “And then pick them, of course.” and “Sweet smellin”. Actually, they all deserve to be printed and shown off by very proud parents (or given to Granny for Christmas)..

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