So, seriously, Canuckistan, with all its political correctness, confuses me. Almost daily. And then this evening, while attending  graduation here in town, I went in search of a bathroom and found this door (below). And that just sent my brain into a spiral, ultimately solving nothing for my burning bladder.

So what is an “Opposite Gender Room” exactly? If there were women in it I would be the opposite gender, but if I were in it then they would be. Or was it specifically set aside for members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community? And if it was being used by a lesbian, what then of gay guys?

It was all just too much for my limited intellect and so I went to look for a door with a little man on it. Now that I understand.

Opposite Gender Room

Funny signs in an old gold mining village

Barkerville, a gold-rush town established in the late 1800s, lies around 80km from Quesnel (here in western Canuckistan) by road. It has been restored and is a thriving tourist attraction during the summer. In winter the snows envelope it and the town is officially closed to visitors. Yesterday four of us drove up to assault the town with our cameras, and to enjoy it like few tourists ever do.

I hope to share some of the photos soon. In the meantime, enjoy with me some of the funny signs I saw around town.

"God is watching you."
Well in that case, I wouldn’t dare.
If only I'd known about this sooner!
If only I’d known about this sooner!
At least it's not Duck Lung Restaurant. I don't know if I could have eaten there...
At least it’s not Duck Lung Restaurant. I don’t know if I could have eaten there…
I wonder how he was able to achieve that? Lots of whiskey perhaps?
Dr Jones sounds like he doesn’t like pain: for himself or his patients …

And inside was this scene:

Painless? Apparently not.
Painless? Apparently not.

Sunday silliness: Cliff?

There was a line of really stupid jokes we used to tell when I was younger that went something like this: what do you call a girl on the horizon? Dot. Or, what do you call a guy hiding in a bush? Russell. What do you call a guy lying in the middle of your living room floor? Matt. And what do you call a guy with an eagle perched on his head? Cliff.

I was reminded of them when walking past this building in downtown Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. When you don’t have a real cliff on which to perch, what’s the next best thing? The Cliff Centre. All most appropriate.


A little-known fact about Spock

I must admit, I’d always learnt that Vulcans – like Mr Spock – came from the planet Vulcan – in the darkest, deepest reaches of the universe. To my shock and horror, though, I discovered while strolling downtown today that they are actually from Toledo, Ohio.

Oh woe is me and all that I held dear from my childhood … What am I to do with the whole Star Trek franchise now?

Where Vulcans are from