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Paper – at the core of a city

The lifeblood of Quesnel, the little town in the middle of the Cariboo, in the middle of British Columbia, in the west of Canuckistan has to be the lumber industry. Originally founded on the back of the 19th century gold rush, the town was known as Quesnellemouth, which was shortened to Quesnelle and finally Quesnel by… Continue reading Paper – at the core of a city

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Searching out natural curiosities in a familiar neck of the woods

I hate shooting the same things twice. And when you live in a smallish community, it really does become difficult finding new subjects, and is challenging shooting old subjects in a fresh way. Recently, though I headed south out of town towards Australian Creek with a friend. 25 minutes down highway 97 we pulled off… Continue reading Searching out natural curiosities in a familiar neck of the woods

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A Curious Canucki Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

It just so happened that on the day we visited Barkerville (see yesterday’s post) they were celebrating something called the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. My companions assured me they had told me it would be happening, but I knew nothing about it until we walked through Barkerville’s front gates and I saw kids earnestly making lanterns.… Continue reading A Curious Canucki Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

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Exploring a Cariboo gold-rush town

Eighty kilometres east of Quesnel, along BC Highway 26, lies Barkerville, the most well-known town from the Cariboo gold rush in the 1860s. The town sprung up quickly after Billy Barker (after whom the town is named) struck it rich on Williams Creek (which flows through town). The town burnt down a few years later… Continue reading Exploring a Cariboo gold-rush town

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Mesmerising. Eerie. Smoky. Soup.

Last year this time I was sitting in South Africa reading people’s reactions to the smoke lying heavy over British Columbia (B.C.) because of wildfires. And I thought to myself, “I sure am pleased I’m not there for that. My lungs would be a mess!” This year I am here, and the wildfires are back… Continue reading Mesmerising. Eerie. Smoky. Soup.

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In search of dragon boats on Dragon Lake

I had been asked to take photos yesterday evening of a group of Dragon Boaters, the Dragon Lake Paddlers (named after the lake at which they train.) I wolfed down my supper and rushed off to their boat launch at Pioneer Park on the south-western shore of Dragon Lake. The group, which was formed in… Continue reading In search of dragon boats on Dragon Lake

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Just cruising Cariboo’s back-trails

Yesterday I started telling the story about our trip along the Yank’s Peak trail, and how I was wondering who the “yank,” after whom the peak was named, was. Let’s continue from where I left off. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful spot next to the Cariboo River, just downriver from the Lower Cariboo… Continue reading Just cruising Cariboo’s back-trails

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Discovering the yank after whom the peak was named

I had never heard of Yank’s Peak before coming to the Cariboo. When some friends decided to load up their all-terrain vehicles to drive up to said peak and asked if I wanted to come along, all I could think was, “What a weird name for a mountain. And I wonder who the yank was?”… Continue reading Discovering the yank after whom the peak was named

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Quesnel’s Bridges

Quesnel, the Cariboo town of around 12,000 inhabitants, lies at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel rivers. It also lies on the main route to northern British Columbia and the Yukon, with Highway 97 running right through town. Originally the commercial centre of the Cariboo Gold Rush, Quesnel now owes its existence mainly to the… Continue reading Quesnel’s Bridges

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Finally shooting Quesnel’s “little people”

I lived in Quesnel for about two years in 2013/2014 and shot pretty much anything of significance. But, strangely enough, I never got around to tracking down its painted fire hydrants. Until now. So, what’s the story behind them? In 2001 the Quesnel Downtown Association decided to paint some of the fire hydrants to represent… Continue reading Finally shooting Quesnel’s “little people”

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To the Beaver’s brook in black and white

I’m trying to take in as much of this area as possible in my last few days here. On a cloudy day this week I drove down to the Beavermouth Creek out along the Quesnel Hydraulic Road. (That was where I saw and shot the fox.) And, what with it being overcast, the photos just work… Continue reading To the Beaver’s brook in black and white