Shooting with film

So, two days ago I sent my Nikon D600 off to the closest service centre down in Vancouver because it once again had an abnormally-high number of spots on the sensor. It’s a problem common to D600s – something to do with the shutter assembly or something, but it still means that I’m without a camera for two to three weeks. I have previously had to have a “deep sensor clean” in South Africa and in Canada, but the problem is still there. And so here I sit, as if having lost a limb.

But then I remembered my (very basic) film camera – one I picked up at a garage sale a few months back, but which I haven’t tried out – because there was no reason to. It was late and a bit too dark, but out I headed anyway, to a few of my favourite stomping grounds. And there I discovered that I may have to stick to daytime shots. Once more than 1/6 of a second was required the camera couldn’t do the calculations, leaving me to guess at shutter speed – more miss than hit, unfortunately.

Also, I would love to have had a model at my beck and call, but alas, ’twas just me and my pink car. While I was on the old walking bridge a passer-by asked me how the photos were going, to which I responded that I didn’t know because I was shooting film. “Wow, you’re brave!” he smiled. I wouldn’t call it brave, but we sure have become most spoilt with our fancy digital models that do practically everything for us! Here they are then, four shots from last night, shot on 35mm Kodak ISO 400 film using an old 50mm lens.

From Dragon Mountain, looking west
From Dragon Mountain, looking west
Quesnel's old walking bridge
Quesnel’s old walking bridge
In-focus hand rail. Out of focus people...
In-focus hand rail. Out of focus people…
Walking ...
Walking …
My favourite mill to photograph
My favourite mill to photograph