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When exactly is the high school prom around these parts?

Well, to be honest, that was a loaded question. High school prom just doesn’t exist in this neck of Canuckistan’s woods. Here, it’s called the Graduates’ Ball.

First, all the “grads” meet in LeBourdais Park in the afternoon to parade themselves and their partners, and to take way too many “selfies.” Many come in beautiful old cars; some even came on horseback this year … Then, that evening, comes the Graduates’ Procession, followed by the Ball. One doesn’t get to shoot at the Ball itself, but I got a fair number of shots of the procession, and the students lining up outside.

I photographed this back in June, just as teachers in British Columbia were getting to the business-end of a province-wide strike. I must have got really busy, because I never posted any pics from the day; now, here we are in September, where the teachers are still striking and students don’t know when they might get back to school after the extra-long summer holidays. In fact, I wonder how next year’s grad will play out should this strike run into next month, or even longer …

Whatever the case, enjoy a few photos from this year’s event, where the graduates could strut their stuff, before the hard work of getting jobs, going to university, or whatever life had for them.

(Click on photos to view bigger.)


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