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Wordy Wednesday: abandoned between the Rudy Johnson and Quesnel

I had intended doing a “Wordless Wednesday” blogpost but realised that just wouldn’t be possible. Instead, here we go with abandoned places between the Rudy Johnson Bridge north of William’s Lake and my current hometown Quesnel here in western Canuckistan. The Rudy Johnson bridge (which is still very much in use) spans the Fraser River… Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: abandoned between the Rudy Johnson and Quesnel

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Abandoned. Exploited.

I love photographing abandoned places. I love imagining the stories behind the property; the real people, the real lives that once existed in the now-deserted spot. Every time I asked friends about (aforementioned) places I could photograph around here they would mention the “Cariboo Ford place” down highway 97. Earlier this week I took a drive… Continue reading Abandoned. Exploited.

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Snapshots from Strathcona …

… and a few other spots. I am in Edmonton, Alberta (that’s in Canuckistan, for all you geographically-challenged ones) for a few days. Earlier this week my friends and I drove down to Old Strathcona, just south of the North Saskatchewan River, to take the historic tram to the Alberta Legislature building. There we wandered around for forty… Continue reading Snapshots from Strathcona …

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An historic old town through a winter lens

Ever since I arrived in Canuckistan I have been telling my friends that I really want to find a ghost town to photograph. The closest I’ve come is the abandoned, burnt-out church (which is beautiful and a perfect subject in its own right) and a couple of old farm houses between Whistler and here. Of… Continue reading An historic old town through a winter lens