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Generally just down-to-earth, genuine people

Yesterday I wrote a blogpost about some of the challenges I have had taking photos in a small town here in Canuckistan. And I was given a real dressing down by a friend later who took umbrage at me generalising about Canuckistanis and how impolite and unfriendly they can be. Of course, one should never… Continue reading Generally just down-to-earth, genuine people

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Paper – at the core of a city

The lifeblood of Quesnel, the little town in the middle of the Cariboo, in the middle of British Columbia, in the west of Canuckistan has to be the lumber industry. Originally founded on the back of the 19th century gold rush, the town was known as Quesnellemouth, which was shortened to Quesnelle and finally Quesnel by… Continue reading Paper – at the core of a city

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Mesmerising. Eerie. Smoky. Soup.

Last year this time I was sitting in South Africa reading people’s reactions to the smoke lying heavy over British Columbia (B.C.) because of wildfires. And I thought to myself, “I sure am pleased I’m not there for that. My lungs would be a mess!” This year I am here, and the wildfires are back… Continue reading Mesmerising. Eerie. Smoky. Soup.

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Quesnel’s Bridges

Quesnel, the Cariboo town of around 12,000 inhabitants, lies at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel rivers. It also lies on the main route to northern British Columbia and the Yukon, with Highway 97 running right through town. Originally the commercial centre of the Cariboo Gold Rush, Quesnel now owes its existence mainly to the… Continue reading Quesnel’s Bridges

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Finally shooting Quesnel’s “little people”

I lived in Quesnel for about two years in 2013/2014 and shot pretty much anything of significance. But, strangely enough, I never got around to tracking down its painted fire hydrants. Until now. So, what’s the story behind them? In 2001 the Quesnel Downtown Association decided to paint some of the fire hydrants to represent… Continue reading Finally shooting Quesnel’s “little people”

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To the Beaver’s brook in black and white

I’m trying to take in as much of this area as possible in my last few days here. On a cloudy day this week I drove down to the Beavermouth Creek out along the Quesnel Hydraulic Road. (That was where I saw and shot the fox.) And, what with it being overcast, the photos just work… Continue reading To the Beaver’s brook in black and white

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The early bird catches the shot (how hokey)

I am anything but an early bird – ask anyone who knows me. My best work seems to be done anywhere between 10pm and 2am, and I seldom see the sun rise. But I also have gained a reputation of not sleeping much here in Canada. I don’t know where that comes from, but it… Continue reading The early bird catches the shot (how hokey)

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Wild Cow Milking is a thing. Seriously.

Three years ago I attended my first ever rodeo in Canuckistan, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. I had no idea what to expect, apart from what I had seen in movies or on television. I suppose I expected the bucking broncos, bull riding and a rodeo clown, but definitely wasn’t prepared… Continue reading Wild Cow Milking is a thing. Seriously.

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Playing with fairground movement on a Saturday night

A few days ago I featured the photography of a teenager with whom I spent some time shooting the Billy Barker Days Carnival one Saturday evening recently. I showed her a few tricks in terms of what aperture to use, how to use the shutter priority mode to create movement in her photos, and photo framing. I,… Continue reading Playing with fairground movement on a Saturday night

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Close but no cigar for the redneck racecar wrecker

I said a few days ago that I was going to feature one of the drivers from our local “Crash to Pass” race, but then I hit a moose and got a bit distracted. But I’m so over that. And ready to keep blogging. So, I had several options of people to follow and feature. The first… Continue reading Close but no cigar for the redneck racecar wrecker

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Crash, burn, pass, Cariboo hillbilly-style

Of course, one of the first things I wanted to do once I arrived in Quesnel was to see friends I’d last seen in 2014. The second was to attend “Billy Barker Days” events, the first of which was taking place on the Thursday evening – Crash to Pass. Quesnel’s Billy Barker Days is a… Continue reading Crash, burn, pass, Cariboo hillbilly-style