Playing with fire and other fun things

I’m almost done blogging here, but I do still want to do a couple of posts about a certain play park project I’ve been involved with for the last year and a bit.

Now, I’m African and I don’t know much about snow – apart from what I learnt last winter. One thing I did learn is that lots of it falls in these parts, and that when it piles up it can get thick and heavy and solid.

The play park features a bridge spanning two towers, built out of a plastic culvert, which is where my mentioning snow comes in. Without a roof, the culvert will quickly fill, and I half imagined arriving at work one morning to find both towers collapsed in a heap, wrenched to the ground by the sheer weight of the bridge.

Today, with the temperatures having plummeted to -10°C overnight, we finally began working on a roof. “Insanity!” I thought to myself as I lay in bed clutching a hot cup of tea. But, with no budget to speak of, and being the brainchild and chief motivator behind the project, insanity was not a valid excuse to keep me from venturing out. We had scrounged materials, and I was fortunate to have a certain expert welder to call on – to help bend and pound pipes to the right shape, before welding them all together atop the great divide.

He did most of the actual work, but I helped where I could, hung around for moral support, and whined about losing feeling in both hands (often).

Oh, and I took a few photos of the cool flames and sparky things.

Firing up the torch
Firing up the torch.
Pipe heating, ready to bend the pipes by hand.
Heating a pipe, ready to bend by hand.
It's all about the vibe.
It’s all about the vibe. And the flames. And the thick black smoke.
Quickly cutting some flat bar
Quickly cutting some flat bar for brackets.
Cutting flat bar (with a slow shutter speed)
Cutting flat bar (with a slow shutter speed.)
One more, just because it's such a cool effect. And no, I didn't have a tripod, which makes this even more amazing.
One more, just because it’s such a cool effect. And no, I didn’t have a tripod, which makes this even more amazing.



Caddy on Reid Street

It’s graduation season and all the old cars in town have been dusted off and given a good old shine – in preparation to whisk the graduates off to the ball. This old Cadillac was parked out on the main street today. I got a close up of the street reflection in whatever that part of the car is.