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Discovering the yank after whom the peak was named

I had never heard of Yank’s Peak before coming to the Cariboo. When some friends decided to load up their all-terrain vehicles to drive up to said peak and asked if I wanted to come along, all I could think was, “What a weird name for a mountain. And I wonder who the yank was?”… Continue reading Discovering the yank after whom the peak was named

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Quesnel’s Bridges

Quesnel, the Cariboo town of around 12,000 inhabitants, lies at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel rivers. It also lies on the main route to northern British Columbia and the Yukon, with Highway 97 running right through town. Originally the commercial centre of the Cariboo Gold Rush, Quesnel now owes its existence mainly to the… Continue reading Quesnel’s Bridges

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Seeing beyond the decrepitude …

… to what was once full of beauty and grace. One of the things that has always struck me about the Cariboo region of Canuckistan is the number of old, decaying vehicles in people’s back yards. Literally everywhere you go you see vintage classics that people have obviously collected with the intention of fixing up… Continue reading Seeing beyond the decrepitude …

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Childhood: grazed knees and mile-wide smiles

This is childhood the way I remember it, not in front of some screen but filled with adventure, fantasy, cuts, scrapes and bronzed bodies. Last week I joined a local family and a batch of their friends at their favourite place to play, just down the road from their home. No, it’s not a playground,… Continue reading Childhood: grazed knees and mile-wide smiles

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Finally shooting Quesnel’s “little people”

I lived in Quesnel for about two years in 2013/2014 and shot pretty much anything of significance. But, strangely enough, I never got around to tracking down its painted fire hydrants. Until now. So, what’s the story behind them? In 2001 the Quesnel Downtown Association decided to paint some of the fire hydrants to represent… Continue reading Finally shooting Quesnel’s “little people”

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SABÀ. Simply great coffee

When I first arrived in Canuckistan, the friends I was staying with in Fort Langley took me to a new little café/bistro which opened earlier this year. It’s called SABÀ which, loosely translated, means “plenty,” “to be satisfied” or “to have one’s fill” in Hebrew. And it’s true to its name. In previous visits I… Continue reading SABÀ. Simply great coffee

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About adventures with an incredible eye

I don’t know what it is, but this trip has involved more waterfalls than any of my previous visits put together. The day after arriving in Canuckistan we saw the Bridal Veil Falls close to Chilliwack and then the other day I went for an afternoon outing to the Gold Creek Falls in the Golden… Continue reading About adventures with an incredible eye

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Walk-by shootings on the streets of Vancouver

Once upon a time I got to the place where I was comfortable photographing people I don’t know. Complete strangers. I guess it was while living in Madagascar, where the locals were more than willing to be photographed and mostly-unsuspicious of foreigners. Then I moved back to South Africa and began to feel like a… Continue reading Walk-by shootings on the streets of Vancouver

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All about Canuckistan’s national bird

Believe it or not, Canuckistan does not have a national bird. The debate about what it should be has been raging for years, more fiercely in fact than most debates rage in this country of begging-your-pardon pacifists. Suggestions have ranged from the common loon to the snowy owl, the anonymous grey jay to the Canada… Continue reading All about Canuckistan’s national bird

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Swing dancing is alive and well in lower Canuckistan

I have visited and stayed with the same friends whenever I’ve been in the lower mainland of Canuckistan – that is to say, around the Vancouver area. And I have heard said friends gush and go on about the wonderful fun they have swing dancing many Sunday evenings. And so, obviously, as I found myself… Continue reading Swing dancing is alive and well in lower Canuckistan

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A day in the life of two cracodile hunters

Do you remember the two brothers that I shot quarrying for veneer? And the one brother with whom I did a ridiculously cool photoshoot last year? Well, they are back, and in today’s post you get to experience a typical day in their summer vacation. Both are studying – one to be a vet and the… Continue reading A day in the life of two cracodile hunters

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High jinx fashion at the village of value

I don’t know a Canuckistani who hasn’t heard of their premier thrift store chain Value Village – either having donated something to it, or bought something from it. Even I was schlepped off to their branch in Prince George in northern BC to stock up on cheap and second-hand wintry goods when I first lived in Canuckistan in 2013. I must… Continue reading High jinx fashion at the village of value