Finding colour in a taupe town

Bellingham in the upper left corner of the USA (not counting Alaska) is kind of a humdrum, mundane town. With all its old buildings, it’s pretty enough but it’s also kind of … beige. However, today I drove down every alleyway downtown (there are exactly four) to look for colour.

Because, as in most towns’ back streets, the grungy, black/brown walls and sunken doorways in Bellingham serve as blank canvasses to graffiti artists’ imagination. And, amazingly, I found very few “tags” and many works of art (along with delivery vehicles and a myriad of trash cans vomiting their offal onto the soggy pavement).

As most of you will never visit this part of the world, I did all the hard work slopping through the puddles of who knows what, parking illegally and getting stuck behind a truck with engine running but going nowhere forever.

Do you have any favourites?



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