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Trampoline hair and posies to warm up for a wedding

One of the main reasons I’ve been shooting people so much recently is that I’m getting ready to shoot a wedding. And, to be honest, wedding photography is anything but my forté. And so I am practising. (Whatever you do, don’t tell the wedding party!)

Ah, just joking – they read my blog and know my abilities.

But I digress. Yesterday I shot a cute five-year-old, who kept bringing me flowers throughout the evening – red ones, yellow ones, white ones and blue ones – all of which I was instructed to cache in my pocket to plant in my garden when I got home.

“Do you know why I’m bringing you so many flowers,” she asked after depositing yet another posy in the palm of my hand.

She continued, before I even had a chance to respond.

“Because you live so far away, and I don’t get to see you much, so I need to give you enough to last you all the time you aren’t here.”

P.S. Trampoline hair makes for hilarious portraits. And, as I doubt whether I will get to shoot any trampoline hair at the wedding on Saturday, I got my fill with my little model yesterday! 🙂

This is how I practice my wedding photography
Running off to pick flowers
Here you go…
All done. Time to rest.

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