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How about those shoes though!

Last year around this time my good friend the family man took me cruising on his classic Honda CM400T motorbike. She’s uncomfortable, slow, hugs the road like, well, she doesn’t. Thankfully, this year she was replaced by a nice little Kawasaki 650.

The first time we went for a ride I wore my most bike-friendly outfit that wasn’t shorts and sandals – jeans, which just happen to be on the skinny side, Nike running shoes that I bought on sale in Switzerland, a t-shirt and high visibility vest. When I saw the photos my buddy took of me, though, all I noticed was the shoes! Apparently all his work colleagues noticed the same because they all had a good-old laugh because of my outfit – so much so that I decided to make the most of those shoes when we went out riding again (with one of the work colleagues too this time.)

We rode out to Wells, 80km up the Barkerville Highway, on a sunny but cool afternoon, taking our time on the winding route. Arriving at around 6pm, we decided to grab a coffee and bite to eat at the Jack ‘O Clubs Restaurant on the main road. They seemed a touch busier than normal, and you could tell: the food took an age to arrive and was average at best. The coffee was hot but undrinkable. At least it helped to warm our hands.

But we agreed – it was all about the experience!

My friends and high-vis shoes at the Jack ‘O Clubs.
At one of the lakes along the way.
How about that shoe though!


(All photos with my phone.)

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