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Introducing the red fox photo-bomber

After a really delightful drive out along the Quesnel River, I decided to stop on my way home to take a few photos. Sadly, the clouds had moved in, leaving the landscape grey and dull compared to the vivid colours earlier in the day in the autumn sunshine.


But it is a beautiful river. And so I snapped a few shots, before crouching down to get a different angle. Which is when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I had seen an elderly couple collecting wood just down the road, and assumed it was their dog, but looking up from my camera I was faced with a fox.

A fox! As tame as can be, right in front of me.

I hear that foxes are common in these parts, but I was over the moon. I took a few photos of my red-haired visitor, before reluctantly walking back to the car – needing to get home before dark. The fox followed. I took a few more photos on the road, and then, as the fox wandered off in one direction, I drove back towards town in the other.

After the hundreds of photos I’ve taken and blogged over the last four months, this was a real highlight for me.

(Click on thumbnails to open the gallery.)


5 thoughts on “Introducing the red fox photo-bomber

  1. What a blessing to have an encounter like that … I cannot imagine what motivates people to hunt beautiful creatures like this.

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