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Cruising Canuckistan on the Tete Jaune

The Yellowhead Highway (Tete Jaune in French, if you wondered where the title of the post came from) runs east-west from British Columbia, through Alberta, then Saskatchewan and into Winnipeg, Manitoba – a total of around 2,960km. I have travelled the portion from Prince George, BC to Edmonton, Alberta, three times now. It is, undoubtedly one of my favourite highways, and one that I can seldom speed along because of the countless photo opportunities it presents.

Earlier this week I drove west, leaving Edmonton at 5.30am, and eventually arriving home at 6pm – an 870km, 13½ hour journey. The first part of the drive – almost into Jasper National Park was dark and cloudy, so no photo opportunities there, but at my first sight of the Athabasca River, the mist cleared, and the sun broke through the clouds.

The rest of my trip involved many little side roads and stops to enjoy the scenery just off the highway. One of the longer detours took me up to Medicine Lake, but not as far as Maligne Lake, which I have visited twice before. Although I have done this trip a few times, I tried to shoot things from different perspectives and to take a few roads I’ve never taken before.

One thing I am more convinced about than ever is that one should enjoy the journey, and should take the detours when the opportunities arise, or when something catches one’s eye. Several places I’d visited before were now closed, or off-limits, like the abandoned homes from this trip, and the ancient forest outside Prince George, so I’m pleased I got to experience them previously.

Today I will feature photos I took while travelling on the Yellowhead itself (as well as the short diversion to Medicine Lake). Tomorrow I will share other photos taken off the beaten-track on my journey home.



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