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The perfect time not to shoot the city

Early morning, late afternoon or a full-moon night are perfect times to shoot a city. The middle of an Autumn rainstorm is not. But last Saturday three of the teenagers from the church in Edmonton asked if I wanted to go with them on a photographic adventure in the city. If it hadn’t been for their company, I would have stayed warmly bundled up at home with a cup of warm mocha and snacks at my left hand.

In the hope that the rain would stop, I took them first to one of my favourite coffee shops in the city, Iconoclast. Sadly, it turns out that my favourite barista had left, but the standard of the coffee (which they roast on-site) had not suffered from her absence.



With the rain having abated slightly, we headed into the heart of the city after a quick coffee, parking at the city hall.

In all, we sloshed through Churchill Square, shot the new Rogers Place from a rooftop, rode in elevators, were nabbed by parkade police, ran down train tracks, discovered some dodgy characters in an abandoned barn, posed with ‘planes, had a confrontation with an irate pedestrian, shot graffiti and raindrops, and ended the afternoon with chai milkshakes (well, I did, anyway.)

It may not have been the perfect time to shoot in a city, but it was the perfect adventure.

(Click on the thumbnails for bigger images.)


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