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When you realise you aren’t who you thought you were

As you can tell by the title, I may have issues with who I am. Nothing major, but for some time now I’ve started seeing myself as a renowned travel blogger. I blame my family for this incorrect, dare I say inflated, perception of myself when it comes to my photography. There’s my father who tells everyone he meets about his world-renowned photographer-son; my nephew thinks I should work for National Geographic; my mother is waiting for me to produce a coffee table book … and so it goes.

But as much as I love travelling and the blogging about it, I realised recently that I have become what I always feared – a family photographer. Egad! Cutesy schmootsy posed shots that make grandparents beam.

Of course, families often include children – the most difficult subjects to shoot. Well, apart from small wild animals. I’d say they are on a par.

As I was looking through some of the photos I’ve taken in Canuckistan, I realised that shooting children takes a steady hand, anticipation, and multiple rapid-fire shots. Literally, a split-second makes a difference. But rather than try to explain it, I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

This was the one that inspired the series - utter joy and pure fear, in consecutive shots.
This was the one that inspired the series – utter joy and unadulterated terror, in consecutive shots.
Sweet little beast that she is.
Sweet little beast that she is.
Stage fright
Stage fright

And then, in some cases the different shots (if you can actually get them in focus) have their own special qualities, where either could work on its own, but where they tell a story better together.

splitsecond3 splitsecond5 splitsecond6

The series also wouldn’t be complete without a montage of kids’ micro (or in this case macro) expressions, all within a second or two of each other!

Surprised, happy & cranky
Never break eye contact. Ever!

And finally, kids will be kids will be kids – no matter what their age! (Shot at the rodeo I attended in July.)



4 thoughts on “When you realise you aren’t who you thought you were

  1. I have kids and it’s true that split-second makes a difference. I had no problem shooting with my eldest. My second, since a baby was too difficult to take pictures of. Thus, less pictures of him. Even now, he can ‘t be still and smile, he has to move another part of his body. Haha. So I have to give a hats off to you for the great shots!!! 🙂 love them. 🙂

  2. Lovely post Mr travelling family photo guy. I am looking forward to the story about the Canuckistani police knocking on your door about the bum photos.

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