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A collector of cabins and other abandoned things

So, as part of my series on interesting characters and stuff they do, today I will be featuring “Bob,” a collector of cabins and other paraphernalia.

Bob once worked on the nation’s highways, and at some point started collecting articles he would find at the side of the road. These included wooden cabins, which he would break down, drive back to his place in pieces and then rebuild (replacing rotten logs and boards where needed).

Apparently Bob lives by the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” with each cabin packed to the rafters with the things he’s collected.

The week before I visited, Bob had held a garage sale, selling some of his stockpile. Considering that everything still seemed to be in its spot, I don’t know what he could possibly have sold! But I’m sure you aren’t here to read, and would love to see Bob’s treasure trove!


3 thoughts on “A collector of cabins and other abandoned things

  1. Of all the wonderful things and places you have shot, this one speaks to me the loudest. I would just love to spend a few days looking at and hearing the stories about the finds. Just fantastic.

  2. I agree with Herman … his stories must be fascinating. Pity you didn’t have an SA number plate to give him for his collection!

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