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A little snack at Little Brick

I am no coffee snob, and since arriving in Canuckistan two months ago I have downed my fair share of Timmy’s coffee. Since getting to Edmonton, however, I have discovered that the people who work at Timmy’s do not seem to understand my accent when I order through one of those drive-through speaker thingies.

And so I have decided, while in the big city (comparatively speaking) that I am going to search out individual, trendy coffee shops, where I get to order fancy coffee face to face with the server.

Fortunately I have a pair of purveyors of said coffee spots as company here, to figuratively show me the ropes and literally take me to the best spots. One of those was “Little Brick” in one of the city’s small, well-established, tree-lined communities. As my friend Helen put it over at her blog, “Sometimes you just need to go to a coffee shop in a historic house with a red door located in the middle of a residential area.”

610_1079 610_1028

Little Brick is run in the original 1903 home of J.B. Little, owner of the brickyard, which was started there in the late 1800s. After being occupied by his descendants for nearly a century, the little brick house was sold in 2000, and gradually fell into disrepair over the next decade. With the threat of demolition hanging over it, Little Brick was bought by a developer in 2014. It now stands sandwiched between more modern developments and is home to the quaint cafe, a store and several spaces for special events.  I loved the decor, especially the old photographs. There was a large outdoor dining area – which we chose on the sunny day we were there – as well as a few cosy rooms that would be perfect on cold winter’s days.

(Yes, you can click on the individual thumbnails for bigger versions.)

Their coffee was, indeed, pretty tasty, and their food was even tastier. I don’t do the whole gluten thing unfortunately, so my options on a menu are normally pretty limited, but here I chose bacon and eggs on gluten-free bread. Not only was it beautifully presented, but it was delicious and very filling – just what I needed to give me the strength for the rest of the day of shooting the city!

610_1041 610_1073



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