Night time · Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Chronicles of an Insomniac Photographer

I know, I know, some of you have told me that “Throwback Thursdays” are boring, but I also know of at least one person who will enjoy this post from 2014, so here I go.

Back then I was really struggling with my health – my breathing in particular. This often kept me awake, my lungs rebelling, leaving me struggling to breathe. For a while I would lie in bed wheezing and coughing, until, in desperation, I would get up, dress warmly, grab my camera gear and head out into the night – into the “clean” air of this mill town of ours.

I shot the following over three nights – all between 10pm and 1am. One thing I discovered shooting at night is that one doesn’t tend to capture as many colours as during the day. But I learnt another important photographic lesson too – the value of a normal little flashlight. So, in these shots where you see graffiti standing out against the orange-browns of the train carriages, that’s because of the flashlight.

What else did I learn? When a cop stops to ask what you are doing, make sure you respond with confidence – as if you are exactly where you are meant to be. But when a train engine comes rumbling down the tracks towards you, confidence is pointless: make yourself scarce … and quickly.

Since I returned to Canuckistan in July this year I have been particularly healthy, and have not ventured out into the night even once. I also haven’t felt led to shoot much train graffiti. How grateful I am that I got all of these shots (and other night-time ones) back then!

(Click on images. Now!)


I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment with your (relevant & reverent) thoughts.

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