Autumn · Formal Photo Shoot

A post about decaying stuff and cute ankle biters

One minute it was summer and then, the next, it wasn’t, when the weather changed on the first of the month – with more rain and a chill in the air at dawn. With that, the trees started turning those golden hues that I knew I would see if I stayed here long enough. It’s still the beginning of Autumn, but already nature is dressing herself up for many more of my photo shoots.

Last week I was chatting to a friend at supper, where he told me about a spot close to their house – next to the river, with a bunch of dumped, decaying cars and crumbling cabins. I made plans to go and see them, and to take photos of their family while we were about it.

I am learning to love doing family photo shoots – and this was one of the easiest ones yet. I also enjoy shooting old vehicles and abandoned places – imagining the lives that were lived there once upon a time. In this case, it looked as if people hadn’t lived in that patch next to the Fraser River for a few decades at least. Now, all it was good for was as a pasture for cows, a place for the kids to explore, and the perfect spot for an informal, colourful photo-shoot.

This spot was one of the most eccentric characters I’ve got to shoot yet.

(Click on thumbnails to start the photo gallery.)


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