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The early bird catches the shot (how hokey)

I am anything but an early bird – ask anyone who knows me. My best work seems to be done anywhere between 10pm and 2am, and I seldom see the sun rise. But I also have gained a reputation of not sleeping much here in Canada. I don’t know where that comes from, but it did come true one Friday night/Saturday morning a few weeks ago when I went to sleep around midnight and then woke up absolutely and completely at 3.12am.

After downing a cup of coffee I decided to grab my camera gear and go out shooting – which took place from just after 4am until 7.30 (I am guessing). I remember a friend (thanks Mr Langley) telling me once that the best time of day to shoot buildings is just before sunrise, because of the faint glow in the sky. And he was right! The best time to shoot anything is just before and after sunrise, I’d say!

I started at my favourite pulp mill, then drove over to the Fraser River Footbridge, which I shot from the West Side. After sharing the river bank with a few curious deer I then headed into a lifeless downtown, on to the train station, and up towards Dragon Lake, before ending at my most treasured model, the burnt-out church in Red Bluff (which I shot from the trees). The colours absolutely popped, unlike in the full light of the day. You can see for yourself below.

(Click on thumbnails to open the slideshow.)


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