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A shoot I never thought I would do

As I sat down to write this blog, several friends sprang to mind – those who, along with me, never thought they would live to see me do a photo shoot like the one I attempted on Sunday. I imagined them shaking their heads and laughing at my awkwardness. I imagined everything Kim, Sue and their boys might be saying as they read this, and marvelled at the photos. I’m not exaggerating. Never in a million years did I think that I would do a maternity shoot!

"Behind the scenes" on a hillock.
“Behind the scenes” on a hillock.

If I had received the request on Facebook, or anywhere else electronic for that matter, I would most definitely have declined demurely.

“No, thank you,” I would have said sanctimoniously even, “I don’t do those types of shoots!”

But this was for a friend, it involved moola (which definitely can’t be sneezed at) and one of the main themes of my blog is to photograph and feature true Canucki characters. And so I confirmed a time and place with the parents-to-be and hoped for the best.

I had decided beforehand that I would definitely not do the hearts on the belly shot, or the husband kissing the baby bump. In fact, nothing typical! But as we started shooting I realised that pretty much everything is typical nowadays. And what the model asks for the model gets. Especially if she is heavily pregnant.

Yes, we did set up those typical shots and yes, we laughed a lot – especially at the bunch of flowers that had to make an appearance in some way in practically every photo. The couple even agreed to a few wacky photos for me, including some at the kids’ playground, with aforementioned flowers planted into the wood chips. My constant prayer was not for a sharp eye, or that they would love the photos, but that she would not go into labour while we were out there. This was something I was neither equipped for or ready to shoot!

I doubt whether these will become regular money-spinning events for me, but my first and only maternity shoot wasn’t too nauseating. 🙂 I may even consent to another one in ten or twenty years.


5 thoughts on “A shoot I never thought I would do

  1. Old dog…new tricks….I’m impressed that they got you to agree!! My favourites are the playground one and the walking away from the camera one.

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