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No more than a few sentences (and a cluster of cars)

A few evenings ago I was having dinner with a family from church, when one of them mentioned that he had, in fact, read two (and only two) of my blogposts. “The one about the moose and a Crash to Pass one,” to be precise, he said.

“Actually,” he continued, “your blog posts are just too long. I don’t have time for all that reading. Just give me a few sentences and a couple of photos or I couldn’t be bothered.”

His wife, who also blogs occasionally, was actually quite put out that he had deigned to read a few of my posts, because he never undertook to appreciate hers – plainspoken, poetic accounts of their family life.

Hopefully a few of you have stuck it out this far and will continue reading just a bit further. You will be rewarded!

While exploring our local concrete company one evening I came across these spoils – a cluster of cars (and one motorbike) neatly parked next to each other, patiently waiting to be restored. Parked in a lean-to at the heart of a gravel pit, they were all coated in a thick layer of dirt, hiding their true colours and potential. I was hoping to shoot a few of the cars their owner has actually restored, but I’m quite happy with the unembellished authenticity of these old darlings.

Sam, if you’re still reading, you can click on the thumbnails for bigger versions. (And, sorry, but there are more than just a handful…) 🙂


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