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One of the blog posts you just don’t know how to write

I had every intention to post every weekday when I started blogging here again last month. And I was doing pretty well. Until two Sundays ago, when, at around 5am, a friend of mine died. I had planned to go downtown that day to take photos of beautiful old cars, and then to shoot rednecks careening through mud in their souped-up trucks later in the day, but at ten past five my dear friend Caleb’s brother called me to tell me the terrible news.

Without going into any details, I immediately dropped everything to drive Caleb’s father and sisters to the town four hours away, where he had been in hospital after an horrific car crash. Between staying with them for a few days, and helping them out where I could in the following week, all my blogging plans were obviously forgotten.

With his family, we mourn Caleb’s passing but believe he is in a better place, rejoicing in heaven, and dishing out hugs to all and sundry. This Saturday we will be remembering Caleb at a memorial service in the town where he died. Of course there will be too many tears to measure, but hopefully also lots of laughs as we share about who Caleb was – an amazing young man who loved board games, hockey and people – especially the invisible, “unlovable” ones – amongst other things. Although he was only 20 years old when he died, I know that he will be remembered fondly by many.

Farewell, my dear friend. See you soon.


4 thoughts on “One of the blog posts you just don’t know how to write

  1. Every time I see a picture of Caleb’s face, it shocks me to think I will never see him again on this earth, but I am so glad to have known him. He had the biggest heart and was always there for everyone.

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