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Wild Cow Milking is a thing. Seriously.

Three years ago I attended my first ever rodeo in Canuckistan, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. I had no idea what to expect, apart from what I had seen in movies or on television. I suppose I expected the bucking broncos, bull riding and a rodeo clown, but definitely wasn’t prepared for the event that kicked it off: wild cow milking.

It was complete chaos as teams of three tried to rope a cow, then hold it in one spot as one of the members milked it – all in clouds of dust, while dodging other flying, tumbling cow milkers. Just to make things interesting, the organisers released a few heifers and steers along with the “milkable” cows.

“I want to do that next year,” said one of my companions enthusiastically. He didn’t get around to it that year or the next, but when I heard he had put together a team, “The Udder Brothers,” this year, I promised that I would be there to photograph it.

His trio, consisting of a driving instructor, handyman/mechanic (who you may recognise as one of the drivers from the Crash to Pass) and himself (a church leader and volunteer fire-fighter) put up a good showing – being one of only three teams to actually get milk. Unfortunately they were beaten by a team that hijacked someone else’s cow – doing none of the hard work themselves!

It was the perfect start to a great little rodeo – so good that I went to watch them in action the next day again!

The Udder Brothers (the three on the left) going after a cow.
Facing down the charging herd.
Still trying to catch one.
Running to the judges with a drop of milk in a beer bottle.
The other two teams that got milk (including the women’s team who hijacked the other team’s cow.)
At it again the next day. (The poor cow in the background – being milked by about four teams!)
Two teams, including The Udder Brothers, milking the same cow.

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