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Throwback Thursday: These Canucks are crazy, I tell ya!

This was one of the first blogposts I wrote after moving to Canuckistan in 2013. I thought it was worth revisiting (something I plan on doing every Thursday while I’m here – looking back at some of my blogposts from back then.) I’ve edited it slightly, but you will get the point …


So, before I moved over here I was told that everyone was absolutely charming. Of course, all Canucki adults are polite as punch, but I was informed that the teenagers and children were all most lovable too. And I do appreciate a disciplined, delightful youngster.

Since arriving at the beginning of the month I’ve experienced some strange phenomena, however. I’m not sure if these occurrences are caused by some until-now-repressed zombie gene (formed years ago by the foul-smelling stuff pumped into the air by the pulp mills) or just because everyone has had enough of my camera stuck in their faces …

But when I do try to photograph the kids, these are the results. One old chap informed me that I probably wouldn’t make it to winter at this rate. All I know is, I’m willing to die trying.

Zombieland 2 Zombieland 5 Zombieland 6 Zombieland 8

Z I've got a booger up my nose! And finally, the cutest zombie of them all:

Zombieland 9

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment with your (relevant & reverent) thoughts.

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