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Close but no cigar for the redneck racecar wrecker

I said a few days ago that I was going to feature one of the drivers from our local “Crash to Pass” race, but then I hit a moose and got a bit distracted.

But I’m so over that. And ready to keep blogging.

So, I had several options of people to follow and feature. The first I’ve known for a few years – the son of a friend, and driving a car with a pretty cool feature: a moose rack on its roof. He won his first race, so he was a great candidate. But he set his car on fire in his second and was out of the last act.


The second was the car with the best engine – reported to have cost $5000, which is just insane for this type of race where everything is wrecked at the end. But he was targeted by many of the other drivers who were angry that he had spent so much on his car. He also didn’t make it far.

Really, my choice was easy though: the most hillbilly driver of them all. In order to protect his identity, I was going to call him something like Eustice Houston (or “EH” for short) but I think I’ll just stick with Laura K (as per his racing suit).

610_1464 610_1468


Laura K won his first race – his maiden event of this kind – in a car he’d built himself. He had a few other rednecks as pit crew but this was his victory. Laura’s second race saw him lose a major portion of the front of his car, but he and his crew zip-cut that off and strapped the fender tight, ready for the big finalé, where the last car running was to be declared the winner.

610_2063 610_2071 610_2080 610_2103

Laura, proudly flying the Canucki Maple Leaf, was definitely one of the best racers on the day, smashing more experienced drivers from the track. In a moment of folly, though, he decided to turn around after being rammed from behind, and got bogged down in a muddy patch on the side of the track. Not allowed to climb out and push his car out, Laura had to watch less-deserving drivers win what could and should have been his race. At least he got to go home with one trophy from his heat, if not the coveted main prize.

And I know Laura’s already devising tactics for next year’s race in a new car …

610_1801 610_2183 610_2229 610_2211



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