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A meal, then sunset high-jinks at West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park

Did I mention in yesterday’s blog post that my Vancouver friends live in Horseshoe Bay? Yes, the one from which many a ferry sails. Over the years I’ve visited them in two different homes, both of which overlook Howe Sound and Whytecliff Park.

This was my view from their balcony when I first arrived in Canada in 2013, jet lagged and disorientated:

Around Horseshoe Bay
Around Horseshoe Bay

They have since moved up the hill slightly, but the view is very much the same. This time around, having battled jet lag considerably better than my previous trips (and, therefore, being awake while everyone else was) I was able to enjoy a phenomenal meal with old and new friends and then join them down at Whytecliff itself later in the evening. I half considered cliff jumping with one of the sporty youngsters, but wisdom and memories of my cliff jumping in Madagascar stopped me. I just shot him, some of the others and the view instead. And did some cool edits later.

610_0944 610_0938 610_0994 Untitled1

After he was done having fun, we moved down to the water, where I was in my element shooting in the evening light. I hate taking photos of the same things twice. Fortunately I won’t have to shoot at Whytecliff again, because the evening we enjoyed there was just about perfect.

610_1022 610_1023 610_1042 610_1049 610_1059


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