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On your marks, get set, go!

Over two weeks ago I invited you to join me on my latest adventure Cruising Canuckistan, and then I promptly went quiet. One of the reasons was that I went camping with church friends a few days after writing that blog post (into wifi-less barren lands). What happened while there brought my blogging to a complete, grinding halt until now – but more on that next week. (I have in the meantime kept busy on Instagram with mostly iPhone photos.)

Here I am, though, ready to kick it off properly.

610_0909So, I arrived in Vancouver in the middle of July, and went to stay with friends I try to see whenever I’m in town. As I had shot the city itself a few times before, I asked what new sights they could introduce me to. One of those was the Sunshine Coast, which I think we explored on a Saturday afternoon.

We only boarded the ferry at Horseshoe Bay after 4pm, which seemed a bit bizarre to me, but with the long evening, that was plenty of time to drive from Langdale up the Sunshine Coast Highway a fair way and back again to take the last ferry home.

Of course, I was up to my old shenanigans, asking complete strangers if they would pose for me, and I managed to fling my entire camera bags’ contents down a flight of stairs on the ferry, but still captured some pretty cool shots! Apparently Nikons are hardy cameras.

Our first stop, in the too-bright-for-photos sunshine was Roberts Creek, and on the way back I got some magnificent sunset photos in and around Sechelt. Then, with the sun already set, the light on the ferry was absolutely phenomenal! But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

(Click on images below.)




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