An alleyway of graffiti in downtown Vancouver

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time you will know that I love graffiti. I shot (and blogged about) graffiti-adorned trains in my adopted town often, and also did a post on some of the graffiti I found in west Los Angeles. This week I ventured into downtown Vancouver in the midst of what felt like a tropical cyclone. So bad was the weather that I left my camera at home. And then I glimpsed a graffiti feast out of the corner of my eye, while bent double, fighting my way up the street against the torrent.

I snapped a photo in the deluge with my phone and returned in the afternoon, when the rain had abated, for some more pics. I’m just sad I didn’t think to do a wide shot. Sorry.

I do love the detail in some of the images – the use of photos, funny quotes and graffiti on top of other graffiti.

(All photos are straight out of an iPhone 6 – no filters applied. Click on images for bigger versions, which may take some time to load as I used the full-sized pics.)

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