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Learning from the master

I’m so very close to leaving Canuckistan, but you get a couple more posts … On Friday I flew down to Vancouver, and then took the ferry across to “the Island” – Nanaimo, to be exact – on Saturday.

The overcast, drizzly day was spent frequenting several coffee shops (to warm up) sandwiched between a lot of walking about shooting this and that. It really is a beautiful city and I was fortunate to have the perfect companion, who frequently pointed out more creative angles from which to shoot. The sun even came out for a few minutes at a time.

These are all from my Nikon, but my phone was well used (by her) too.



6 thoughts on “Learning from the master

  1. enjoyed this gallery. for me, Nanaimo has always been a means to an end – the town where the ferry arrives for or leaves from in connection to a trip to Vancouver Island’s west coast, which is my favourite place on the planet so far. not sure if you had a chance to visit there, but if you haven’t i think you would quite enjoy it on some future journey to Canada, or Canuckistan, as you put it. 🙂
    in any case, Nanaimo looks like a destination in itself as well, so will have to check it out one day. thanks for sharing these beautiful clicks.

  2. toujours rien de valuable à dire, mais ces photos sont magnifiques, j’ai eu la chance d’y aller en été et j’espère tellement un jour y retourner…

  3. Delightful… the perspectives of the first four, the splashes of red…and couldn’t help to wonder what the Hunchback’s story is…enjoy the last bit!

  4. love your blog and pictures. Check out my newly created blog at
    Been to a couple places in the last three years and just started getting into photography so I thought I would start writing and posting on a blog

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