One last photoshoot with one of my favourite models

One of the first shoots I did after arriving in my little corner of Canuckistan was of this burnt-out Catholic church on “First Nations” land in Red Bluff. Since then it’s been one of my go-to, favourite “models”. But, more often than not, I would cycle out past her, without my camera, just to enjoy the view and the vibe.

It’s impossible to explain why this little field became one of my favourite spots in my adopted land; with the charred, abandoned, mostly-forgotten little church nestled in its centre.

Now, I’m about to leave after a year and a half here. I haven’t been shooting much lately and, in fact, until today hadn’t taken my brand new camera out of its box since receiving it last Friday. But this evening, with a perfect sunset beckoning from the direction of the old church I grabbed my camera with its long lens, pulled on my boots and drove out. The snow was deep – thigh deep at times – and the fingers were cold, but I’m pleased I went by. One last time.

(Click on images for larger views.)


11 thoughts on “One last photoshoot with one of my favourite models

  1. These photos are amazing! The sky is fantastic in the last photo and you chose a nice combination of detailed shots and complete overview photos! Great job and thank you for sharing!

    Kind regards,

  2. I think this is my favourite blog post of them all…looking through: a picture within a picture, inside…The moon, the colours…thank you for allowing me to travel along.

  3. how fitting that one of your first models was also one of your last. it has been a delight seeing how you view this corner of the planet, or rather, how your camera does.
    in any case, blessings to you for the next chapter….

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