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Less than 200m either side of the highway

So intent are we in reaching our various destinations every day that we seldom take the time to make potentially-featherbrained detours. We rush down the highway, eyes keenly focussed on our destination, and miss little gems within eyeshot of the road we’re on.

This is true, of course, of actual journeys, but also of our journey through life.

Last week I travelled south from here and shot an abandoned old house. Since posting about it I’ve had several friends telling me of happier times spent in that exact house, of the people who lived there once and of their despair at its state now. Earlier today I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and make the same trip, just past the dilapidated old place, to see what else I could discover just off the highway.

I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, as it were. If so, I’m just sad I won’t be here long enough to discover even more just either side of this 50km stretch of Highway 97, Cariboo, Canuckistan.


4 thoughts on “Less than 200m either side of the highway

  1. The sun streaming through the window (not the flies though..bit disturbing:-)), the red roof, the reflection, high and dry…rusting away and the school. Beautiful.

  2. It’s hard to believe there are so many homes, cars and belongings just abandoned in Canada. In South Africa, that is a very rare thing indeed … normally everything would be stripped or taken within no time at all!

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