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West along the Yellowhead with iPhone at the ready

A few days ago I posted some photos I shot on my way up to Edmonton. Here now, some that I took on the trip back home: west along the Yellowhead Highway. Only, this time, unlike the trip back then where I used my Nikon, these were all taken with my phone. In the height of summer, I also did a post featuring some photos from the same route.

This time I left south Edmonton at 6.30am, and eventually got home just after 6.30pm – a total of 13 hours on the road. (No my math is not that atrocious – I gained an hour by going from the Mountain Time Zone to the Pacific Time Zone just outside Jasper National Park.) Many detours were made; I strode into river beds and over boulders in my sandalled, sock-clad feet; scared other travellers by appearing soundlessly behind them on trails (what with my sandalled, sock-clad, soundless tread), explored beautiful rest stops and shot many, many photos.

Hopefully many of these are different enough for you not to be thinking to yourself, “I should punch him in the throat for expecting me to put up with such similar photos as the ones he posted in July! Pfffft!”

Tomorrow I may even add some more from my Nikon. And you can tell me if I should ditch either the iPhone or the Nikon because of one’s superior quality over the other.

(Click on thumbnails.)



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