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On Thursday morning I loaded my luggage, climbed into my car way before sunrise, stocked up on Timmy’s coffee and headed north towards Prince George bound for Edmonton. Last time I did the trip wildfires were blazing through the province and there was no point stopping to take photos. This time the weather went from misty, to clear, to cloudy, to perfect and I was tempted to stop, often.

I was also tempted by several detours, some of which I succumbed to. One of those was to shoot abandoned houses down a muddy track outside McBride. Another was to Maligne Lake, via the bizarre Medicine Lake, in the Jasper National Park in the Rockies.

Medicine Lake looks like any other lake in the summer but come Autumn it empties, leaving but a stream to snake its way through the lake bed. Again, it made the perfect photographic subject.

This is the photographer’s dilemma: to get to one’s destination, or to document as much of the trip as possible. In all I turned a comfortable 10-hour trip into a 12-hour one. And I’m not one bit disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Roadtrip

  1. Beautiful! By the way, I read Terry Fox’s story for the first time just the other day – very inspiring. No wonder they named a mountain after him (if that is the mountain’s name…)

    1. It is there. Somewhere… I think it is that one, because there was a sign on the road pointing up in that general direction. But there were another dozen or so peaks to either side and behind this one too.

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