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Single snapshots: patchwork face

I know how to take photos. I know all the composition rules and how aperture works to create depth of field. But, I must admit, sometimes I get a touch stuck in a rut.

And so, last week, having my camera and tripod at the office, I decided to try a slightly different technique on one of my most-shot models (who was hanging around for the morning). I didn’t know whether it would work, to be honest, but I’m quite happy with the result…

So, how did I shoot it? First, I needed to shoot from a tripod – to keep the camera the same distance from her face for the whole shoot. I used quite a large aperture, and a macro lens – changing focus for every shot. I took 27 photos, eventually stitching 22 of them together on the computer. The idea wasn’t to be exact, nor to get the white balance or exposure the same in all of the shots. And in the end I think that’s what made the photo…

The autumn colours didn’t do any harm either.




2 thoughts on “Single snapshots: patchwork face

  1. This is such a superb photo! I am inspired by the marvelous composition and effort you put into creating such a fantastic piece of art! (original comment “sooo cool!”)

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