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Playing hide and seek with the blood moon

Last night, in the early hours of the morning, the so-called “blood moon” was seen over North America. Before going to bed I decided that I would get up at 2am so that I could go out to capture it on camera.

Amazingly, I did get up, dressed warmly and bought myself a Timmy’s coffee before driving out to the Dragon Lake boat launch. It had been cloudy for days, but the forecast promised mostly-clear skies. They did not materialise. Every so often the moon would dart out into a break in the clouds, but it was so hazy that I found it absolutely impossible to get anything vaguely resembling a sharp shot. This was one game of hide and seek that the moon won hands down.

Eventually, at 3.45am I drove home and collapsed into bed.

I have previously taken photos of a blood moon in South Africa (from our back yard) and I did at least shoot these blurry photos of the area while waiting, so all was not lost.

141008 600_9132 141008 600_9133Assuming that the moon would still be pretty full, I decided to go and park out on a country road this evening. There was no blood involved and pictures of the moon are dime-a-dozen, but I took a few photos anyway. Why go through a day without trying to capture at least a bit of the beauty around one. Also, only half way through the shoot did I actually find my tripod, so a few of the pics are a bit camera-shaky.

141008 600_9405 141008 600_9427 141008 600_9432 141008 600_9451 141008 600_9463



5 thoughts on “Playing hide and seek with the blood moon

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos, even though they aren’t what you hoped to shoot. They are fantastic in their own right. That first one, though….LOVE IT. Something about it makes me feel small yet bursting full of potential. Wow. What a great feeling! Thank you!!

  2. j’adore vraiment toutes ces photos que tu prends de la lune et des étoiles, des ciels… j’en ferais des posters pour ma chambre, mais le problème est qu’il me faudrait plus de murs car je ne sais pas choisir !

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