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When words just don’t say enough

Two nights ago I attended a memorial for a young woman, Caitlin, who disappeared exactly a year ago. She was last seen in the vicinity of the old walking bridge downtown; there were circumstances leading up to that day that may have pointed to her taking her own life, but no-one can be sure of what happened.

And so here we are a year later, with her family struggling to move on; desperate for answers. There were no answers to be had at the memorial, just a small group standing together to grieve, to remember and to hold her family and tell them that they are loved.

The city had turned the lights on the bridge to purple for the night, that being Caitlin’s favourite colour. But I will let my photos, some of the most poignant I’ve taken, tell the story.

(Click on images for bigger versions.)


3 thoughts on “When words just don’t say enough

  1. Thank you for these beautiful photos. As a member of Caitlyn’s extended family who could not be there physically that night, they bring it closer. It breaks the hearts of so many that this has happened, and to see my beautiful niece and her husband, their boys in such pain is very difficult. Thank you to all those who have and continue to support them in their journey,
    Kim, Mark and our daughters, son in laws and grandchildren

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