Going completely batty for bokeh

You may be visiting this blog for the first time. If so, welcome. Let me explain a little something about this town in which I live. It is small. One could call it a one-horse town, but the horse got gangrene years ago and had to be put down.

If you have visited many times, you will probably understand just how difficult it is for me to find new, interesting things to photograph. I mean, I’ve even posted about a bathroom before!  I hate to bore you, my readers, especially during creative dry spells …

This evening I attended a vigil downtown for a young woman who went missing exactly a year ago. I snapped a few shots for the family, and then something happened: something bizarre; something bokeh-infused. The vigil was held on the old wooden walking bridge, which I have snapped many times before, including this shot, which I love. In my opinion, there’s just no point doing it again, except … except if I can capture it in a different light, from a different angle or with a different medium (like film, for example).

And that’s where the bokeh inspiration came in. I had left my tripod at home, and wasn’t managing many steady handheld shots in the very low light. But I shot one out of focus, which looked kind of cool; I tried another, which also worked, and that was that – my evening of shooting bokeh was launched.

bo·keh: /bōˈkā/

the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

You will see several familiar spots – including the pulp mill, trains and train tracks, and the bridge, of course. Let me know what you think. Honestly. Does bokeh do it for you, or should I just have left my camera at home?

(Of course you can click on images for bigger versions.)



8 thoughts on “Going completely batty for bokeh

    1. Yip, I hear you Hayley. And I normally stick to all the rules and conventions but last night I felt like playing, challenging my brain and (in this case) making the bokeh the focus, not the background. In my opinion, some of these work, and others don’t.

  1. Vigil on a bridge and the candles, the paper mill not zoomed in and the bridge from the waters edge… say bokeh the way I like it..and never leave the camera at home:-)

  2. I go bonkers on such things from time to time too. Two things you could try:

    a) On a zoom lens with lights out of focus, zoom in or out during the shot.
    b) Turn the focusing ring during the shot.

    My wife thinks I’m mad.

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