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A wee walk in an Autumn wind

141001 600_8520A few weeks ago I reluctantly decided to send my D600 to the Nikon service centre for a clean and repair. I was hoping it would be done before Autumn arrived; before the busiest of seasons – this beautiful time of year with its golden hues and amazing sunsets. But Autumn came quicker than I was expecting, and the neighbourhood changed overnight. Literally.

And so I called them last Wednesday.

“It’ll be ready in two to three weeks,” was the stock answer given. I’d heard it before but I explained my predicament anyway.

“I understand,” came the chap on the other side of the line’s answer. “I’ll see what I can do.”

But I didn’t have much faith. I could just see every last leaf falling to the ground before my camera arrived back. Fortunately I was wrong. Two days later it arrived by courier … All I can say is, thank you Nikon Canada for helping preserve my sanity; for helping make family shoots possible, and for helping make yesterday’s memorial shoot a reality. But more on that later.

Nikon South Africa, where I once worked, was known for its service ethic – that the customer always comes first. But I hadn’t heard such good reports about other Nikon service centres around the world. I’m pleased to say, when it comes to Nikon Canada, I was wrong.

Without further ado, some photos from this afternoon, where I went on a little stroll through the woods with a certain teenager who goes by the name “Life”.


3 thoughts on “A wee walk in an Autumn wind

  1. Gorgeous! I’m glad you got your camera back as well as the great customer service you received. Autumn in BC is a sight I hope to behold someday in person – you captured it so nicely here, you made me smell the crisp air 🙂

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