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We must have courage, faith, and lunch together sometime soon *

We all look for meaning in our lives; we all influence people in some way – sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. And two of our greatest spheres of influence must be at home and in the workplace. As much as we grow up and dream of becoming astronauts, doctors and world travellers, with obscene amounts of money to our names, and eternal happiness, most of the time we find ourselves just getting on with life. Many find themselves in the same city or state as where they were born and grew up; many work the same jobs until retirement.

And yet, this isn’t failure as some might believe; this is life. There is significance and meaning in working hard, loving one’s spouse, raising kids, developing faithful friendships and spreading love abroad wherever one can. Recently I did a series on people from our church. It’s not exhaustive, as I just didn’t have the time to get to everyone, but this is to honour them:

(Click on images to see them bigger.)

* Ashleigh Brilliant


11 thoughts on “We must have courage, faith, and lunch together sometime soon *

  1. Just fantastic Robin. I remember the ones you took at 3Ci some 5 years ago.

    I would rate this as one of the top 3 posts on your blog. As long as I don’t have to rank the others, because I might end up with 9 in the top 3!

    Gaan jou goed vriend.

  2. Ah, Robin … I LOVE these!!! These really give us a sense of the community in which you live. And your words are also so true. Well done on a great post!

  3. These are all beautiful! My favourites must be Grandparents, Friends, and IT guy. Did you take them with the Nikon? Did you get it fixed then?

  4. Cool pics…..what a awesome community. Love the one of our ZoZo and her friends…..beautifully captured my friend……hugs….

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