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Shooting while broken

So, at around noon today I broke a bone in my wrist while trying to Rollerblade. It turns out I should stick to two wheels and not eight because I caught a speed wobble while careening down a potholed road, fell and cracked the lunate carpal bone in my left wrist. It’s not serious, but holding a camera with an arm in plaster can be tricky. Or so I imagined.

Of course I had to make sure that I could still shoot. I have a wedding to do next weekend and why should a little broken bone with a fancy name hold me back. Here are the results from early afternoon and late evening …

(Click on images)


6 thoughts on “Shooting while broken

  1. Hi Rob, Your broken wrist certainly doesn’t seem to have affected your photographic eye if these fantastic shots are anything to go by! Good luck for the wedding next week. LOL, Jean.

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