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West along the Yellowhead

As my final post about my short trip to Alberta, I decided to share a few photos from my trip back home. I really had no concept of what the drive up to Edmonton would be like; it was a hot, hazy Sunday – not conducive at all to photography and so I kind of just put my head down, pointed the car up the Yellowhead Highway and let ‘er rip.

But heading back was another story altogether. I left at 5am and, where temperatures had reached 35°C through Jasper on the way up, as I headed back towards British Columbia they were closer to 7 degrees – very pleasant for driving. And I don’t think it reached 30, even at midday. Also, much of the smoke from the forest fires the previous week had been washed away by heavy rains.

I had promised a friend that I would stop every hour or two to stretch my legs and to take a few photos, which I did. Along with regular road works, this meant my return trip took two hours longer than the trip up. But the views all the way were phenomenal, which made the longer journey barely bearable. I must admit though, the last few road works between Prince George and Quesnel did nearly push me over the edge. A week after arriving home the nervous twitch at seeing a person brandishing a “Stop/Slow” sign is finally wearing off.

Here they are – a handful of photos between Edmonton, Alberta and Prince George, British Columbia. The first few were from my iPhone – an old 4 without the S – which is why the quality is below my usual high standards. (Ha ha ha). Despite how grainy they are, the beauty is evident.

As ever, click on photos for bigger versions.


4 thoughts on “West along the Yellowhead

  1. Wow. You are so privileged to be able to see so many completely different but beautiful parts of the world!

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