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Snapshots from Strathcona …

… and a few other spots.

I am in Edmonton, Alberta (that’s in Canuckistan, for all you geographically-challenged ones) for a few days. Earlier this week my friends and I drove down to Old Strathcona, just south of the North Saskatchewan River, to take the historic tram to the Alberta Legislature building. There we wandered around for forty minutes in the warm summer sun, before catching the last tram of the day back to the terminus.

As two of our party had our cameras with us, we then wandered the artsy, vibey streets of Old Strathcona before supper.

(Click on images for the slideshow.)

4 thoughts on “Snapshots from Strathcona …

  1. Cool pics, Robin. Really paint a unique picture of what seems like quite a quaint area. We miss your postings! More, please …

  2. Fantastic! The closeup of the spike & rail, the “huuliharppu” guitar dude, and the chained-up pooch are my faves 🙂 And I echo Geraldine’s post: More, please…

  3. Got nothing valuable to say…just a list of my favourites: Tuesday, close-up of the spike and rail and the family tree…and yes…we miss your postings…

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