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This evening

You will find that most of my photos recently have been taken in the evening. One reason is that I am not (traditionally) an early riser. I guess I should try to change that – if only for the dawn photos I could be getting. Another is that the light at this time of year simply lends itself to beautiful pics.

This evening as I left church a rainstorm was just passing. The dark storm clouds were still about and the sun was streaming enticingly across the parking lot from beneath the clouds. Over the years I’ve always encouraged budding photographers to keep their cameras with them at all times. “You never know what photographic opportunities you might miss with your camera safely packed away at home,” I would say wisely. But recently I’ve been the one leaving it at home. This evening wasn’t one of those times though, and so I decided not to go straight home but rather to see where my car led me.

That was firstly to Gook Road, then on to Legion Beach on Dragon Lake, downtown (across the Quesnel River) and finally back up to Cariboo Pulp and Paper. I underexposed several of these to try to enhance the mood. I also tried to get different angles of landmarks I’ve shot before (like the pulp mill and bridge.)

As usual, the bit of effort and petrol (or gas, as they call it in these parts) was worth it. Click on pics for larger versions.


8 thoughts on “This evening

  1. Well, you have really gone places. From one end of the world to the other. A few changes though but good to see you are doing well.

    Im going to be bookmarking this blog now to keep pace with you.

    To fulfill the demands for commenting, i present something valuable: adding a teaspoon of baking soda while boiling eggs makes the peeling process very easy.

  2. Yes and the bit of gas was sure worth it. I often have camera with me. Yet ignore the small voice that says: “shoot it”. But i’m getting better at listening, and am often amazed by the results when I do! So just keep shooting 🙂

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