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Muy bien, Mexico, muy bien*

* “Okay, Mexico, okay” or, phonetically in Afrikaans (one of my native languages) “Nice leg, Mexico, nice leg.” I prefer the second version, to be honest…

So, as I mentioned two days ago, I popped down to Mexico with a group from church at the end of March to visit some local churches and to attend a conference. I had read that Mexico is one of the most dangerous places to visit, but clearly not the town of Ensenada, where we were. But then, Madagascar, where I lived for two years and where many of my friends still live, is also rated as one of the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world. And I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Sure, they had a coup d’état in 2009, there have been a few violent incidents over the years and pickpocketing is rife in the city, but I couldn’t have felt safer – apart from one adrenalin-pumping incident, which you can read about here.

In our free time we walked around a lot (after all, that is the best way to experience a city.) The place reminded me of Mozambique, one of my favourite destinations; the people were friendly and about the most dangerous thing was the number of tacos we consumed.

Here it is then – a sliver of Ensenada, Mexico, through my 50mm lens.

(Yes, of course you can click on individual photos!)


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