I’m thankful.

“Is there a specific reason,” you may ask. And no, there isn’t.

I’m thankful for so many things about my year in Canuckistan. It hasn’t been the easiest of years, that’s for sure, but it has been good. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made and the support of my family and friends back home. And, amazingly enough, many of those friendships (back home) have actually become stronger despite, and possibly because of, the distance.

I’m thankful for all I’ve experienced and the places I’ve got to explore and photograph.

But most of all, I’m thankful that my relationship with God has become deeper, more real and more enjoyable.

Last week I went out to a lake outside of town with some friends. Here are a few of the pics.


4 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I like that – one’s relationship with God becoming enjoyable. Lovely. Like David, a man after God’s heart. i think he really enjoyed his relationship with God. We all need to enJoy and enThuse more.

  2. I’ve often thought that the best music I’ve ever heard was made by those so gifted that it came fluently, almost instinctively, in abundance, and even without conscious effort. So it’s a compliment if I say that I thought of this looking at these pictures. Amazing, beautiful work.

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