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An historic old town through a winter lens

Ever since I arrived in Canuckistan I have been telling my friends that I really want to find a ghost town to photograph. The closest I’ve come is the abandoned, burnt-out church (which is beautiful and a perfect subject in its own right) and a couple of old farm houses between Whistler and here.

Of course, the Cariboo Gold Rush town of Barkerville isn’t far from where I live, but I never really felt like going there, after reading that “each year, thousands of visitors from all over the world travel to … this one-of-a-kind heritage attraction.” I was looking for semi-abandoned, no tourists, real, falling down and history-filled … and Barkerville didn’t seem to fit the bill.

When a friend suggested that we drive up earlier this week though, I agreed. The town is closed through most of the winter, and on the day we visited the only people about were labourers doing maintenance and other odds and ends to prepare for the town’s Spring season opening in May. I’m still looking for a proper ghost town, of course, but this will have to do until I find one.

I’m not going to go into Barkerville’s history here, and bore you more than necessary. If you’d like more info you can click on through to the town’s official website or to its Wikipedia page.

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4 thoughts on “An historic old town through a winter lens

  1. absolument magnifique et je me rends de plus en plus compte que mes commentaires n’ont que rarement quelque chose de valuable, mais que dire d’autre… il faudrait inventer des mots pour toi rob 😉

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