Princess hoity-toity of catville

I’m told that posting photos of cute cats is the sure-fire way to increase one’s readership, like, instantly. I also read recently that a new kind of malware, or virus, is being distributed online hidden in the image of a cute kitten. I can assure you that there is no such virus hidden in these, and I post them purely because I think they are hilarious.

While enjoying supper with some friends downtown recently, this beauty strode into the room and plopped herself at my feet demanding a tummy tickle. At first I thought she was wearing a super-slick coat or pyjamas, but was told laughingly by her owner that she had just been shaved. Her hair was apparently becoming so matted that she was grumpy, appeared in pain, and refused to be touched. And so they had her “put under” and her body shaved. She loved her new look, parading about like she was princess of the place (or to take that metaphor even further, queen of the urban jungle.)

I heard today that other friends are threatening to leave a Mohawk down their lap dog’s head and back next time they take her to be groomed. I’ll be sure to post pics if that ever happens!

High and mighty
High and mighty
Calm, cool and collected
Calm, cool and collected
Staring me down
Staring me down

2 thoughts on “Princess hoity-toity of catville

  1. I’m reminded of the “Should have gone to Specsavers” ad in which the old farmer sheers his poor sheepdog, because he can’t tell it’s a dog. Maybe one of these belonged to him too.

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