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Why God created long johns …

I was chatting to a friend down in South Africa, who told me the season has turned – that the evenings are getting chillier, a sure sign that  Autumn is near. The next thing she said was, “which means that it’s almost summer up in Canuckistan!”

And so I went outside to check – up my stairs, which were coated in a few inches of fresh powder, and into a solid flurry of Arctic wind and ice. The temperatures have been touching as low as -25°C (without wind chill) for a week now, and it looks as if that’s to continue at least until Friday. Oh, and that’s without the infamous “polar vortex” that’s been hovering over the east of the continent. These temperatures are just normal around here, it seems …

Just to prove that it is indeed still winter, I compiled a few shots from the past week, including ones I took this evening. Canadians are notorious for complaining about the weather but I’m not wishing away this winter – I love how different it is to anything I’ve experienced before. And hey, what do you expect, it’s winter: that’s why (as comedian Rick Mercer says) God created long johns.

(You can, of course, click on images for full versions.)

A little video clip from Rick Mercer about the weather from January 2014:


4 thoughts on “Why God created long johns …

  1. I have to say I do stalk your blog (Shelley and Anne highly recommend it lol) and I love seeing our city through your eyes … I hope to actually meet you one day and not stalk your blog … Your photos are AMAZING!!!

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